Launch your tech career with no upfront cost

Get trained remotely to find a job in tech and pay no tuition until you are hired.

Why remote learning and remote work?

Every company is becoming a remote company

Microsoft, Google, Facebook and many of the other big companies have completed shifted to online work model and now they are hiring workers from all around the world for these new jobs.

New jobs are opening up that require new talent

According to World Economic Forum there is a rising need of talent such as data analysts and scientists, AI and ML specialists, robotics engineers, software and application developers, etc

Remote learning is the new way to learn new skills

There is research that proves that remote work is good for mental health. Remote work helps you spend more time with your family and also helps you prioritise your emotions.

Lifelong learning is slowly becoming the new normal

There is so much out there to learn so Millennials and Gen-Z are adopting this lifestyle to learn and work while also building a great lifestyle that mixes with their goals and interests.

Become a part of the #JaduFamily

Here are some of the benefits of our program:

– It is designed for those who want to learn and work remotely
– Open to students and learners from all across Pakistan
– Flexible program offering mix of technical and non-technical
– No upfront cost so you learn 100% for free

Applications are open till Jan 22, 2021